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9 things noone tells you before you become a full-time personal trainer..

You'll get less healthy While before I would spend my Sunday and Wednesday evenings on meal prepping to make sure I have enough food packed and prepared in the fridge for the next couple days, now I use every single free evening to rest and chill. I do now want think about anything fitness or… Continue reading 9 things noone tells you before you become a full-time personal trainer..

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She comes first..

200, 100 years ago, or even 25 years ago thinking of my mother, women's only choices were: What should I cook for lunch? Should I pick the tomatoes in the garden or should I go to the local market? Do I let the kids play in the garden, it's getting a bit cold.. ? What… Continue reading She comes first..

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It’s never too late…

I was recently talking to my very dear friend and this really inspired me to writing this post today. She told me she felt behind becasue she is 28 and she still studies while her partner and closest group of friends have ''adult'' lifes, full time jobs and look for houses to buy. She felt… Continue reading It’s never too late…

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How to stay active when travelling

I spent the past week in Bulgaria as a participant of Samodiva Mastermind retreat. It was 6 days all together and the schedule was really tight - lots of sessions, acitivites and get togethers. Beautiful experience! We pretty much had activities planned from 7 til 22 so the day were filled up but I still… Continue reading How to stay active when travelling

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Isn't it a great concept? You go online, click here and there and there is masseur at your door the next day. Either at your work place or at home. I find this concept extremly convinient in the busy lifestyle people nowadays have. is an online platform where you can order a masseur to your location… Continue reading – Massage at your home

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Regular eating. Why?

E N G L I S H   B E L O W Regularne jedzenie. Dlaczego?  Regularne jedzenie jest wazne, poniewaz Twoje cialo potrzebuje energi, aby prawidlowo funkcjonowac. Omijanie posilkow nie sprawi, ze schudniesz. Jest wieksze prawdopodobienstwo, ze nadrobisz to przy kolenym posilku i zjesc wiecej. Najlepiej jest jesc mniejsze porcje, ale czesciej – ok.… Continue reading Regular eating. Why?

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How to motivate yourself..

E N G L I S H Jak zaczac i sprawic, aby trening stal sie Twoja rutyna? Nie masz czasu, jestes leniwa, wymyslasz nowe wymowki, mowisz sobie zaczne jutro albo w poniedzialek. Potem sie zle z tym czujesz, bo znowu nic nie zrobilas. Znasz to uczucie? Wszyscy mowia, ze jak sie to stanie Twoja rutyna,… Continue reading How to motivate yourself..